Privacy Policy Kontek HRM Mobile

This text informs about how we process sensitive user data and data on the mobile application and it is in English to meet the requirements of Google and Apple.

1. Definitions

Kontek HRM
Personnel system developed by Flex Applications Sverige AB (”Flex Applications”) with a brand graphic user interface according to Kontek Lön AB's color theme and logo.

Kontek HRM Mobile
Web application adapted for mobile devices which constitutes a sub-system to Kontek HRM.

HRM Mobile App
Mobile application available for download for the use with HRM Mobile, developed by Flex Applications with a brand graphic user interface according to Kontek Lön AB's color theme and logo.

The Customer
The company which, through the established agreement with Kontek Lön AB, holds the usage right of Kontek HRM. The app HRM Mobile may only be used together with a licensed version of Kontek HRM.

2. Confidentiality and Security – HRM Mobile

This text concerns the safety and confidentiality for phones and tablets on which the App HRM Mobile is installed. The App HRM Mobile works as a shell for displaying the web application Kontek HRM Mobile with the purpose of allowing Kontek HRM Mobile access to features that are not available for a web application, such as push notes, media and the option of retrieving location data in the background. The App HRM Mobile is not a requirement for using Kontek HRM Mobile, you may also enter the address to HRM Mobile directly in your web browser.

Data is transferred in a secure way from Kontek HRM Mobile via HTTPS, and only licensed users are allowed to log in. User accounts to Kontek HRM Mobile are administered by the Customer’s system administrator or other person, who by the Customer´s system administrator has been given the authorisation for administering users.

The App HRM Mobile doesn´t require any further authorisations; however, full functionality requires that the App has access to the camera, media and location data of the device.

3. Purpose of the Application

The purpose of the App HRM Mobile is to allow the web application Kontek HRM Mobile to be displayed parallel to using the native functions in the phone.

4. Data Storage

The app HRM Mobile only saves the URL of the web application Kontek HRM Mobile.

The web browser built in to the device (webview), which is used for displaying Kontek HRM Mobile, can save details according to the Kontek HRM cookie policy.

5. Logging

Kontek HRM logs information concerning login events and information concerning users. The access to the information is regulated by way of agreement between Kontek Applications and the Customer.

6. Third Party

Kontek Applications does not sell or transfer data from the application to third party, unless otherwise agreed with the Customer.