Kontek HRM

The web-based staff-administration system Kontek HRM gives you control over the entire flow – from staffing and time and project reporting to travel claims, expenses and logbooks. The system is based on the latest technology without the need for plug-ins.

Benefits with Kontek HRM

Kontek HRM is scalable and can be tailored to meet your company's needs. It  can easily be adapted to future changes. Kontek HRM is completely web-based, secure and user friendly. 


With Kontek HRM you get:

  • control over the entire flow – after registration the system manages calculations for time, projects, allowances, expenses, deductions and business entertainment
  • fast and secure handling of completed transactions
    maximum accessibility – web-based solution for reporting, follow-up and authorisation
  • a system based on the latest technology which offers cloud services – you don't need to worry about updates, technical requirements or backups
  • a flexible system which can be tailored to each company's different staff categories and their changing needs
  • good integration possibilities with other systems.

Would you like to know more?

Please contact me or one of my colleagues for more information on how our web-based systems help you and your business.