Let us take care of payroll administration so that you can focus on your core business.

A growing number of companies are choosing to outsource their payroll management. If you choose an outsourcing solution you can rest assured knowing that Kontek is a solid partner with a team of experienced specialists within salary calculations and personnel administration management.

Outsourcing involves a company contracting out its payroll management for shorter or longer periods. The payroll process is entrusted to reliable experts. This service enables us to streamline and relieve our customers' workloads, no matter the industry or business. Furthermore, all customers are appointed their own contact person with us who shares his or her expertise. And we always make sure to keep up-to-date on regulations pertaining to payroll management. With Kontek Outsourcing as a business partner, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your employees will be paid correct and on time.

We offer Kontek Outsourcing within four areas: Outsourcing Payroll, Outsourcing Time Reporting, Outsourcing Travel and Outsourcing HR-support. You can decide for yourself whether you only want to outsource time reporting and/or travel claims and expense management, or whether you want to go a step further and entrust us to manage your entire payroll process – we tailor our solutions according to your needs!

Payroll systems
Do you need help with payroll management? Then this complete solution is for you. The service means we become a secure and reliable partner and take care of all aspects of your payroll management. And we assist companies to streamline and modernise their payroll process.

Time & Attendance
For companies who wish to contract out their Time & Attendance management, Outsourcing Time & Attendance is the perfect tool. The only thing your company needs to do is to make sure that your employees register their attendance and absence and that the person responsible for authorisation confirms these registrations. Kontek handles the rest.

Travel Expenses
If your company has a lot of employees who travel for business, then it is simple and easy to outsource the management of this to us. The service is also ideal if you have employees with many expenses, since we handle expenses just as smoothly as travel claims.

HR - support
When outsourcing HR related activites we assist you with ongoing HR- activites such as creating reports, competenses, templates for on- and offboarding. 

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