Plustjänst - time, travel, attendance & HR

As a customer, you are responsible for the daily use of the systems, but when there is not enough time, if there is uncertainty about how something should be done or for example in case of illness, you can turn to us. Help with year-end routines is also included in the plus service. If you have added a plus service to your existing agreement with us, you will be charged on an ongoing basis for the work we assist you with.

Examples of work tasks linked to our Plustjänst Time, Travel and Attendance that we can assist with:
  • Uploading of new schedules
  • Adding new employees e. g if you have a large turnover of staff and have not the resources to do the work yourself
  • Uploading of new permits
  • Uploading of new reports
  • We can download the file every month for customers who have an OS service on salary
  • Uploading of new reasons for absence
  • Changes in balance
  • Changes in overtime
  • Briefings with new contacts / employees
  • Reviews of new features after new versions
  • Direct assistance with everything in case of illness / sick leave.
If you have chosen to subscribe to our HR Support Plus we can assist you with tasks including:
  • enter new qualifications
  • add new fields
  • upload new templates for on-off boarding
  • build new HR templates
  • adjust / change permission structures
  • ongoing help with registry maintenance

Andreas Fridell, Chief Commercial Officer

Contact me or one of my experienced and knowledgeable colleagues to discuss the ways in which we can best handle your payroll management.