Plustjänst - Payroll Management

This service is aimed at those who want online specialist help with tasks linked to payroll management, with with corrections, updates on contract changes, laws and union agreements, etc.

You choose what you tasks you will manage yourself and what tasks you would like help with. 

We can assist on individual or special occasions as well as help with ongoing work for a longer period of time, based entirely on your needs and requirements.

As a customer, you are responsible for the daily operation of the systems, but when the time is not enough, if there is uncertainty about how something should be done or for example in case of illness, you can turn to us for support and help directly in the systems.

We are there as an extra specialist colleague who supports you when needed.

If you have chosen to subscribe to our Plustjänst payroll management, we can assist with work steps such as:

  • direct help with everything in case of illness / holidays
  • help update agreements
  • create and extract reports
  • current elements such as registering a salary

Would you like to know more?

Please contact me or one of my colleagues for more information on how our web-based systems help you and your business.