A profitable story with five parts

Our main priority is to provide our customers with smart solutions to enable this, throughout the entire process. But because no two companies are alike, we ideally want to get to know each business from the ground up and carry out a proper assessment. An important starting point is to try to eliminate manual management by making a clear chart of the parts that are included in the process and who is responsible for what. All of this is to reach our goal – a more efficient payroll process.

Planning is the basis for a smooth payroll process and is mainly about scheduling employees. In this phase the company’s rules for travel and outsourcing management are also defined. If the company works with projects, those are defined in this phase. Changes can also be made here,for example regarding definitions of employment terms and subsistence allowances, something that often takes a lot of time if done manually.

This phase reflects the guidelines established during the planning phase. This includes retrieving information about events that werenot handled by the regular processes for scheduling, expense management and travel expense management.

In this phase, all documentation is made available/authorised for transfer to the payroll calculation system. Payroll administrators can also define monitoring for upcoming employee events, such as terminations and parental leave during this

Before salaries are finalised and paid, we recommend an internal feasibility assessment of the implemented salary calculation. The verification is simply for additional safety and quality assurance. In the last phase internal and external reports are run from the payroll system.

In this phase it is especially important to have good system support, to save time and minimise manual work, but also because there are often strong demands on design and flexibility for reporting.

Andreas Fridell, Chief Commercial Officer

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