Increased service and security with our Plustjänst

If you want to ensure quick and efficient help with your payroll management on specific occasions, we recommend you to add Kontek Plustjänst.

Why choose Kontek Plustjänst?

Kontek's Plustjänst can be seen as an ongoing, annual insurance where we can assist with all or parts of the payroll management occasionally, or assist with certain work tasks over a longer period of time, completely based on your needs and requirements - simply an extended level of service for you who are a Kontek customer.

As our solutions are cloud-based, we have the opportunity for quick and easy direct access to your specific system solution and can log in and / or help you with various work tasks on an ongoing basis and / or at short notice - safe, reliable and very flexibly.

Andreas Fridell, Chief Commercial Officer

Contact me or one of my experienced and knowledgeable colleagues to discuss the ways in which we can best handle your payroll management.