Kontek Backup

Sometimes the unpredictable happens and you may be left without a payroll administrator. A Backup contract with Kontek means that we guarantee quick and efficient assistance with salary calculations if the need arises. The contract covers temporary assistance in urgent situations as well as long-term assistance if, for example, the payroll administrator is booked off for extended sick leave, parental leave or has left the company.

A backup service is well suited when you manage the payroll administration on your own,  but want to ensure and be able to get temporary help in an emergency situation or in the longer term in case of illness, during parental leave. Often there is only one person in the company who has salary competence, which makes the salary work vulnerable. Based on this, it is common that there are requirements for, or need for, a backup solution.

Two different backup services

We offer backup service both for the actual salary calculation and for other parts linked to time and travel and expense reporting. We undertake, for example, to manage schedules, overtime and travel, check and remind of attestations, remove files, upload new employees, etc:

  • within three days in an emergency situation, for example in case of illness
  • or when the payroll administrator has taken some time off

At Kontek, we handle different variations of union agreements and have a combined salary competence within the company. Every year, a reconciliation is made to keep us updated about routines and changed conditions at you as a customer. This contact takes place via telephone or web connection.